Consent Matters. Stop Sexual Violence


Online Awareness

The Commission on Gender-Based Violence & Domestic Violence is launching an online awareness raising campaign, entitled Consent Matters. Stop Sexual Violence with the aim of spreading awareness among the general public on the importance of consent and the active bystander intervention. It also seeks to offer guidance to survivors of sexual violence on the procedures that ensue when contacting service providers. 

Online Campaign

This online campaign will commence on Friday 6th May until Thursday 30th June. It will consist of diverse infographics/videos addressing consent, active bystander intervention and the services that aid survivors of sexual violence. All the material will be published on the Commission’s social media pages throughout this timeframe.

As part of this campaign, the Commission on Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence gave people the opportunity to ask any questions related to sexual harassment, sexual violence and available services through an online form.

Active Bystander