Child to Parent Violence Service   

Address: Foundation for Social Welfare Services, 36, St Luke’s Road, Gwardamanġa, PTA 1318

Telephone: +356 22959000

Fax: +356 21225354

Child to parent violence is when a child or children are abusive towards their parents or primary caregivers. Social workers are increasingly encountering situations where child to parent violence is a major issue. As a result, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services ensured that various professionals within the Foundation learn more about this social problem, participate in research, are professionally trained to effectively work on cases of child to parent violence. Following expert training, Aġenzija Appoġġ launched the service of Child to Parent Violence. This service falls under the bigger umbrella of the Domestic Violence Services (DVS).

The aim of the service is to engage the whole family or the most significant family members where there’s child to parent violence. This service works in a systemic manner with the social worker of the parents or primary care givers, and other professionals or services that are working with the family in order to address the various traumas that the family would have experienced. Individually and altogether as a family unit, professionals address safety issues to ensure that all the members of the family feel and are safe. Following this, the family or the most significant family members are encouraged to proceed with therapy to address any past issues of trauma or any other difficulties they might want to address.