Dar Maria Dolores

Email: info@fdh.org.mt

Telephone: +356 21445431

Mobile: +356 79436781

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fondazzjonidarilhena/

This service is available to females between the ages of 18 and 59. Minors may make use of Dar Maria Dolores if accompanied by their parent/s or legal guardian/s. Like Dar Papa Franġisku, female clients approach the service due to homelessness stemming from diverse social difficulties (including drug and alcohol use, incarceration, mental health difficulties, domestic violence and familial problems among others).  The service provides the same basic needs as Dar Papa Franġisku. The shelter has a capacity of eight beds, which are also available on a first come, first serve basis and is in operation 24/7. The shelter also provides social work interventions and guides these females to make contact and to seek further support from other designated non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and entities. The aim is to support them in leading a more stable and healthier lifestyle, and quality of life. As with Dar Papa Franġisku, Dar Maria Dolores aims to serve as the path towards either supported accommodation or independent living.