Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem – Fondazzjoni tal-Aħwa Kappuċċini Maltin

Telephone: 21232330


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Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was founded back in 1999 by the Maltese Franciscan Capuchin Province. The objective of Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem is to provide shelter to homeless persons in Malta. The mission is to provide services that bring about changes that contribute to the process of clients achieving optimum potential in dealing with their life situations. Currently, the organisation operates five facilities within the community:

  • Dar Patri Leopoldo aims to provide homeless males a safe roof over their heads in a crucial moment of their life. Professional care and support are offered through a multi-disciplinary team that intervenes in such a way as to assist the client in achieving full reintegration within society.
  • Dar Tereża Spinelli aims to provide homeless women, mothers and their children and unaccompanied adolescents a safe environment where to live. Clients are aided to re-establish themselves within the community to achieve full reintegration through several interventions.
  • Dar Victoria that caters for homeless males coming from the mental health sector.
  • Dar Franġisk which is a semi-independent-living hostel for homeless males coming from the mental health sector.
  • Dar Imelda u Paul Debono that caters for homeless females coming from the mental health sector.