Housing Authority

Postal Address: Housing Authority, 22, Pietro Floriani Street, Floriana, FRN 1060

Telephone: +356 22991000 Email address: customer.care.ha@ha.gov.mt

The mission of the Housing Authority is to Provide and sustain decent social and

affordable housing opportunities promoting stability and supporting social mobility. This

mission does not only focus on providing premises but also providing several schemes

and opportunities that help applicants being homeowners.

A potential service user can access any of the services provided by the housing Authority, through the website https://housingauthority.gov.mt/ , by visiting customer care reception or by requesting an appointment with a customer care representative. A potential service user may also contact customer care for more information on 22991000.

Like potential service users, professionals may resort through the same channels.

Additionally, they may also reach out to the social work team within the housing authority. The social work team may be contacted on socialwelfare@ha.gov.mt.