Jeanne Antide Foundation (SOAR)

Telephone: +356 2180 8981/79602595




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The St Jeanne Antide Foundation (SJAF) is a family and community-focused non-profitable organisation committed to identifying and supporting in a holistic manner vulnerable and poor families.

One of the services offered by this organisation is SOAR, a service is dedicated to empowering women and children who have endured the harrowing ordeal of domestic abuse. With a decade of experience, we offer unwavering support to help them not only pick up the shattered pieces of their lives but also to rebuild them. Recognizing that the torment doesn’t cease post-separation, our assistance is holistic and continues long-term. SJAF draws strength from collective experiences, fostering an environment of understanding and growth. Currently, there is a process of refurbishing an old townhouse that will serve as a welcoming drop-in hub. This hub will provide a safe space for survivors to nurture their well-being and find solace after abuse. The SOAR Survivors Hub is a crucial addition, as SJAF’s service has expanded, touching the lives of numerous survivors daily. SJAF combats adversity with love and offers hope, particularly to children, aiding them in breaking the cycle of abuse.

The service works on 3 fronts:

  • Through support groups, SOAR nurtures a spirit of support and sisterhood among group members to overcome isolation and alienation from the violent relationship they had.
  • SOAR organises educational workshops, promotes leisure and raises awareness with the public on the realities of the experience, on the signs, the red flags, and on how one can find help and support.
  • SOAR advocates for improved policies, laws and practices that serve to bring social justice to victims and survivors of violence.

For more information or to offer support, please contact us at 79602595.