MCAST Mental Health Services

The Mental Health Clinic at MCAST offers psychological help to all MCAST students of all ages (full time and part time students and from all MCAST branches in Malta).

The Mental Health Clinic reviews students with all kinds of mental health problems which are very common in this age group. It is easily accessible for hard-to-reach students as it bridges psychiatric services i.e., MCAST to mental health community clinics.

Students are seen by the psychiatrist four times in total: new case assessment and 3 follow ups. If psychiatric care is still deemed necessary, the student is referred to their respective community mental health clinic. Counselling and psychotherapy sessions continue even after the students are referred to the community clinics.

The team is available at Paola MCAST Wellbeing Hub every Thursday.

Students can benefit from this service either through self-referral or by the student’s educational department (only with student’s consent) or by a General Practitioner (GP).