Mental Health Services

Mission Statement​

Mental Health Services aims to promote mental health within the Maltese society by providing a comprehensive and integrated range of community and hospital mental health services. Specialised multi-disciplinary teams provide assistance to persons with mental health problems who require specialist treatment and care as well as support for their social network.​

In-Patient Services (Mount Carmel Hospital)

Address: Mount Carmel Hospital, Notabile Road, Attard, ATD 9033.

Telephone Operator: +356 21415183/ +356 2330 0000

Telephone Customer Care: +356 2330 4444


In-patient services are all offered at Mount Carmel Hospital. The aim of in-patient services is to treat individuals in the least restrictive setting that is safe and effective.

Services are designed for short and intensive care to individuals who are experiencing significant mental health challenges. Specialised units provide the right therapeutic settings to meet people’s unique needs such as substance use related conditions, rehabilitation and old age. The Young’s People Unit (YPU) provides in-patient care for children and adolescents.

Acute in-patient care is delivered according to the client’s region of residence (South – Admission 1, Central – Admission 2 and North – Admission 3). This allows for the continuation of care once the client is discharged from in-patient care to the community services. Such integrated strategies aim to improve access to care, strengthen communication and coordination between providers. In-patient care teams are composed of multidisciplinary teams providing a comprehensive professional assessment, crisis stabilisation, medication management and an individual plan aiming for a transition towards a community-based care and eventually, independent living.

Community Mental Health Services

“Community Mental Health Services will truly become the hub of all mental healthcare activities away from a hospital setting” (A Mental Health Strategy for Malta 2020-2030). The goal of community mental health services includes much more than simply providing an outpatient service. Through various teams and services, we provide a community-based, recovery-oriented care system that supports improving health outcomes, well-being, quality of life and social inclusion.​

Community Mental Health Teams

Community mental health teams (CMHTs) are made up of several mental health professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists, working together to provide a holistic and comprehensive service to people suffering from mental illness or mental health problems in the community.

The CMHTs provide biological, psychological and social interventions in community settings, in least restrictive ways using evidence-based approaches which may include psychotherapy, medication management and outreach service.

Mode of Referral

Referrals to the service can be done by general practitioners, family doctors or doctors from primary care health centres. 

Mental Health Clinics: Table

Hours of service:

  • Weekdays: 6:45am – 5:30pm (5:00pm)
  • Sundays: 6:45am – 6:20pm (5:00pm)
AddressContact Number
Cospicua Mental Health Clinic Ċentru Tas-Saħħa, Triq Iljun, Bormla, BML 181121662088/ 21662098
Paola Mental Health Clinic Haven, No. 40, Pjazza Antonie De Paule, Paola, PLA 126721821566/2
Qormi Mental Health Clinic Ċentru Tas-Saħħa, Triq Il-Vitorja, Ħal Qormi, QRM 110521441317/ 21440170
Floriana Mental Health Clinic 25, Pjazza Robert Sammut, Floriana, FRN120021220454/ 21220521, 21220490, 21250015
Mtarfa Mental Health Clinic Town Centre, Triq Ir-Reġimenti Maltin, Mtarfa, MTF 154021454917/ 21456750
Mosta Mental Health Clinic Ċentru Tas-Saħħa, Pjazza Tar-Rotunda, Mosta, MST 904221424969    
Qawra Mental Health Clinic Ċentru Leap Triq il-Fregatina, San Pawl il-Baħar21424969  

Outreach Teams

The Outreach Teams service consists of 3 teams:

1. Cospicua (covering the South of Malta)

    Contact Number: 2397 2576

2. Floriana (covering the Centre of Malta)

    Contact Number: 2122 0331

3. Mtarfa (covering the North of Malta)

    Contact Number: 2330 4256 / 2330 42572330 4258

The Mtarfa Outreach is located at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Clozapine Clinic (CTC): 2330 4361 / 2330 4362 / 2330 4363 / 2330 4364 / 2330 4365​

The Outreach teams mainly consists of nurses and care workers who operate with a case management system working in collaboration with social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and community agencies to provide a holistic service for service users in the community.

The Outreach service involves working with people with severe mental disorders or vulnerable people with mental illness who require intensive psychiatric intervention. Key workers at Outreach work with service users to (a) manage illness and symptoms (treatment), (b) provide guidance and practical assistance with daily living, (c) rehabilitation and (d) provide recovery support. Outreach key workers aim to ensure continuity of care, early intervention to prevent deterioration and maximum function, as well as to prevent admissions to psychiatric hospital and to reintegrate the service users in the community following discharge from hospital. Aims include wellbeing and highest quality of life.

Community Rehabilitation Centres

There are 5 Community Mental Health Rehabilitation Centres (CMHRCs) offering services to young people and adults with mental health conditions. They are situated in Floriana, Qormi, Paola, Cospicua and Żejtun. CMHRCs services are based on the principles of person-centred care and provide goal-directed intervention in partnership of all stakeholders involved in the care pathway (service users and/or their significant others, as well as community agencies amongst others). Occupational Therapy services offered within CMHRCs and supported by care workers focus on goals identified by service users themselves. This enables the service to be meaningful and to address aspects on both the individual’s activities of daily living and in being participants of society.

Community Rehabilitation and Occupation Therapy Adults Services Referral

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 15:15pm


Cospicua Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre: +356 2180 4996 / 2180 4989

Floriana Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre: +356 2122 0955

Paola Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre: +356 2166 5727

Qormi Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre: +356 2148 7089​

Żejtun Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre: +356 2182 0263

Hostels and Community Homes

Joint projects with Richmond Foundation and Suret il-Bniedem have led to the opening of a number of separate sheltered living hostels as well as independent living units within the community. The hostels are located in Birkirkara, Marsa, Attard, Qormi, Mosta, Kappara and Paola. Service-users receive support ranging from regular to 24/7 to maintain a good level of independence, a good quality of life and minimise the need for psychiatric admissions. Through comprehensive assessment and continued care planning, residents are encouraged to work on their abilities, maximise their strengths and maintain an active social life.​

Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT)

Telephone: 2330 4500 / 2330 4501

The Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT) service is a specialist mental health team that provides timely and compassionate psychiatric care to individuals in a mental health crisis.

Throughout the CRHT interventions, service-users are empowered to address their mental health crises and to reinforce their resilience through the provision of evidence-based interventions and psychoeducation. Additionally, the team liaises with caregivers and other stakeholders to facilitate the resolution of the mental health crisis, and endeavours to facilitate the smooth, professional, and non-traumatic transition to other services. Ultimately, service-users are encouraged to foster adaptive coping abilities so that they may avoid or reduce the severity of future crises and achieve a fulfilling and good-quality life, while decreasing the need for psychiatric hospitalisation.

To achieve this, the team operates from Monday to Sunday between 07:00am and 18:00pm from the newly refurbished CRHT Clinic outside Mount Carmel Hospital grounds. The team offers intensive follow up at the CRHT Clinic or at the service-user’s residence or community.

Individuals are referred by specialists and trainees in psychiatry after review by the Emergency Psychiatric Service, which operates at the Accident and Emergency Department on a 24/7 basis. For further information kindly contact 23304500/1.​