Reach Residential Programme


Telephone: 21376779

Mobile: +356 79226575


Reach Residential Programme a long-term shelter which primarily caters for vulnerable individuals including their families who are experiencing homelessness following their emergency stay at either Dar Papa Franġisku or Dar Maria Dolores.

Reach Residential Programme, apart from addressing the main concern of homelessness, is a programme which aims to teach and to equip the service-users with diverse and essential life skills such as: budgeting skills, training and employment, nutrition, health, legal, mental health, and social connections in order to help these individuals to move towards independent living.

Dedicated staff follow the service-users in their care-plan and in partnership with the service-users and their social worker, see that their goals are being met timely and in a meaningful manner to ultimately reach a better quality of life. Reach Residential established its After-Care service in 2019, with the aim to continue offering further support for the individuals who had made use of its service and returned to living independently.