Specialty Services

Addiction Service

The Addiction Service includes both in-patient and outpatient services.

The in-patient addiction service aims at:

  1. Stabilisation of individuals who suffer from substance use disorder and comorbid mental illness through pharmacotherapy. This includes but is not limited to acute management of withdrawal symptoms and emotional dysregulation related to substance use.
  2. Psychotherapeutic interventions focusing on psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, individual and group psychotherapy.
  3. Preparation and transitionary period for individuals who are overall stable but willing to engage with rehab programs.
  4. Social work interventions aimed at vocational training, employment and housing opportunities.
  5. Occupational therapy.

The Community/Outpatient addiction service aims at:

  1. Regular reviews of individuals who have comorbid substance use disorder and mental illness in the community.
  2. Review of patients who are on a community treatment order to ensure abstinence and stable mental state and ​timely admission in case of deterioration.
  3. Addiction Outreach service including home visits by addiction team to assess individuals in their home environment.
  4. Assessments in rehab setting.

Stimulants clinic focusing on individuals who use stimulant drugs.

Psychiatry Liaison and Emergency Psychiatric Service at Mater Dei Hospital

Address: A&E Department, Level -1 of Block D5, Mater Dei Hospital, Dun Karm Street, Msida
Telephone: 2545 4030
Hours of service: 24/7

Liaison psychiatry is the branch of psychiatry whereby mental health care is provided whilst the patient has a concurrent medical or surgical condition and is admitted at Mater Dei Hospital. The service also covers emergency assessments in the A&E department and is extended to all ages.

The team is comprised of doctors and nurses specialised in the field of psychiatry.

Referrals are received from any specialty within Mater Dei Hospital. These can relate to a patient with previous contact with mental health services or new referrals. The team aims to provide timely assessments and management of mental health conditions, most frequently within the same day of referral. A four-week post-discharge follow-up clinic provides continuity of care until the patient is either discharged to primary care or referred on to one of the regional community mental health clinics for longer follow-up.

MCAST Mental Health Services

The Mental Health Clinic at MCAST offers psychological help to all MCAST students of all ages (full-time and part-time students and from all MCAST branches in Malta).

The Mental Health Clinic reviews students with all kinds of mental health problems which are very common in this age group. It is easily accessible for hard-to-reach students as it bridges psychiatric services i.e. MCAST to mental health community clinics.

Students are seen by the psychiatrist four times in total: new case assessment and 3 follow ups. If psychiatric care is still deemed necessary, the student is referred to their respective community mental health clinic. Counselling and psychotherapy sessions continue even after the students are referred to the community clinics.

The team is available at Paola MCAST Wellbeing Hub every Thursday.

Students can benefit from this service either through self-referral or by the student’s educational department (only with student’s consent) or by a General Practitioner (GP).

University Mental Health Services

The Health and Wellness Centre at the Msida University Campus offers services aimed at enhancing the wellness of UM staff and students. Professional support, to help UM staff and students take on the challenges and grasp the opportunities that may arise because of everyday life situations, is readily available at the Centre.

UM staff and students can be referred to the clinic and are reviewed by the psychology team. If necessary, the psychiatric doctor can also be involved to offer further medicinal support as part of a holistic plan, headed by Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Joe Cassar.

One may choose to contact the Health and Wellness Centre for further information and guidance for the right services. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and with the highest professional standards.​