The Good Shepherd Sisters




The Good Shepherd Sisters – Dar Merħba Bik Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) under the auspices of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, more commonly known as ‘Il-Bon Pastur’ and thus depends on donations from companies and individuals.  The foundation offers two residential services aimed towards female victims and survivors of domestic violence and gender-based violence:

  • Dar Merħba Bik offers emergency accommodation and therapeutic services to female victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence along with their children.
  • Dar Santa Bakhita offers second stage accommodation and therapeutic services to female victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence along with their children. 

Both residential services offer tailor made programs for victims and/or survivors who are undergoing any kind of abuse within their relationship. Many a time they are or have been living in a life-threatening situation and need all the help they can get. With the help of professionals, the aim is to give them a chance to regain their dignity and self-respect so that they can face their issues and look forward to a better life. 

Dar Merħba Bik


Dar Merħba Bik is an emergency – first stage crises facility for domestically violated women and their children. This service accommodates 14 families at any given time to assisted flatlets. Moreover, we strive to:

  • Provide an adequate safe shelter to abused women and their children.
  • Offer psycho-social services such as counselling, therapy, and support (of a social work nature or otherwise) to our residents.
  • Promote the re-integration of residents into the community, mainly through the provision of skills.
  • Promote reconciliation with self, with family (in whatever way possible or desirable), with society and with God.
  • Help residents find alternative accommodation.
  • Enhance public awareness about the issue of domestic violence.

Referral Pathway for Dar Merħba Bik: Flowchart

Dar Santa Bakhita


Dar Santa Bakhita is a second stage facility for women survivors of domestic violence and gender-based violence together with their children. This service provides adequate and safe-assisted flats for a period of 12 months. The service includes a life-skills program which includes individual therapeutic help, parenting skills, financial management and budgeting skills, maintaining a home, health and hygiene, support in understanding and dealing with issues of anger as well as rejection and apathy, legal support, support to find alternative accommodation, training and employment, support to mothers in relation to their children’s needs and abilities.

Referral Pathway for Dar Santa Bakhita: Flowchart