The Inclusive Employment Services Unit (Jobsplus)

Address: Jobsplus Head Office,BirżebbuġaRoad, Ħal Far BBG 3000, Malta

Telephone: 153



The Inclusive Employment Services Unit offers specific services to vulnerable clients.  Most of the services are offered through the ESF funded VASTE Programme. This programme offers support to disadvantaged individuals who encounter several difficulties when trying to join the labour market, either due to their background or due to their disability.

The employment advisors (EAs) within this unit assist former substance abusers, former prison inmates and individuals with other socio-economic difficulties in their job search on a one-to-one basis. During their meetings with EAs, clients are referred to training, work exposure schemes and work opportunities. Vulnerable clients are also offered the assistance of a mentor before and during employment. The team also works closely with other specialised organizations which, in turn, offer counselling and additional related services. Specialised programmes with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are offered to vulnerable clients to enhance their employability during their rehabilitation programme. Such programmes also support the individual’s entry into the labour market by offering training, social work, and psychotherapy services.  Various outreach activities for clients are carried out by the employment advisors. Such activities include assessment, career exploration, skills identification, and referrals to work exposure schemes.