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The Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF) is a social purpose foundation dedicated to supporting the sustainable employment of persons with disabilities. The foundation is a public social partnership formally established in 2015.

LSF’s has two primary client focuses:

  • Jobseekers – registered disabled people who are actively looking for work or who are employed but need assistance keeping their job or switching roles can get support from LSF.
  • Employers

Following application and Medical Assessment, The Profiling and Guidance Executive at the Lino Spiteri Foundation will meet the person with a disability, start the employment registration and create an action plan based on their skills, interests and relevant potential for employment. Persons registering can also attend various training programmes and courses available. In the meantime, the PG executive will refer the individual to vacancies that match their strengths and experiences pertaining to the role.

Furthermore, the Corporate Relations Executives assist employers in their efforts to promote the employment of persons with a disability. To do this, they liaise with companies to comprehend their needs. Carved Employment opportunities are then created that match clients’ abilities. Support for the application of schemes and other incentives is also provided. 

Assistance is also provided throughout the process of employment from the interviewing process to induction at which point the support of a Job Coach can then be introduced, either hands-on at the place of work or off-site support to the individual.

Pre-Employment Training Programmes: Headstart Programme

Headstart is a 6-month programme offered by the Lino Spiteri Foundation with the scope of increasing work prospects within the labour market.

The aim of the programme is to assist individuals in enhancing their competences related to employment. It simulates a work setting and is structured in a manner that helps individuals to:

  • Improve relationships and social skills
  • Perform tasks related to the specific programme
  • Understand work-related skills and procedures
  • Foster workplace ethics

Participants are assisted by a job coach throughout the whole experience in order to support them in acquiring their personal objectives. Support is also provided by quality job coaches to ensure that the expected targets and quality of production are reached. During this programme, employment opportunities are also explored according to the individual’s abilities and interests. A support stipend is awarded to successful candidates during their duration of the programme.

Job Bridge Training Centre

Different courses available: 

  • Award in Basic Clerical Training 
  • Award in Pre-Employment Training
  • Award in Basic IT Skills
  • Award in Life and Communication skills