Victim Support Malta

Telephone: +356 2122 8333




Victim Support Malta (VSM) is a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) established with the aim of supporting and empowering all victims of crime. With a firm belief in the power of human resilience, the organisation passionately champions the rights of victims in the Maltese islands. VSM strives to consistently and positively contribute to the lives of regular people who experience extraordinary events, helping to regenerate them and secure a healthy and self-sufficient state of well-being.

VSM provides individualised care and assistance to victims of crime through psychotherapy, counselling, family therapy, information about rights and legal proceedings, check-in calls, resource identification and psychoeducation. Each treatment plan is tailor-made to the individual and their needs. VSM currently provides support services under 4 different departments:

  1. CVSA (Care for Victims of Sexual Assault) – providing therapy, psychiatric assistance and legal consultation as well as representation for victims of any sexual crime including rape, harassment, assault and other forms of violence.
  2. SPOT (Suicide Prevention, Outreach and Therapeutic Services) – providing therapy, psychiatric assistance and Suicide Liaison Officer services to anyone impacted by suicide, whether attempted or completed.
  3. CORE (Therapeutic Support for Victims of Crime) – providing therapy to victims of any other form of crime that doesn’t fall under CVSA including domestic violence, theft, fraud, arson, harassment, assault, hate crime, cybercrime.
  4. SPICE (Supporting Positive Impact on the Community and Environment Service) – carrying out Employee Support Programmes for workplaces, normally in the form of therapy, as well as organising support groups for specialised client types.