Women for Women Foundation

Address: 131, Triq il-Madonna tal-Ġebla, Gżira, Malta

Telephone: +356 9900 4440

Email: info@womenforwomen.foundation

Facebook: Women for Women Foundation – Malta  (www.facebook.com/wfwfoundationmalta)

Instagram: @women4womenfoundation

Website: www.womenforwomen.foundation

Women for Women Foundation (WFWF) seeks to support women’s wellbeing and economic independence, through helping them build stronger, more stable and sustainable lives. Through the careful distribution of resources and mentoring, WFWF aims to provide a ‘hand up’ (rather than a handout) to women and their children, who are facing difficult life circumstances despite their hard efforts to improve their lives. This signals that the upwards movement and improvement in self-development of women is the core principle behind all WFWF’s objectives. The Foundation believes that this is achieved by independent income generation through employment and by undertaking studies as a precursor to entering the labour market and/or moving up the ranks within the job, eventually providing an increase in earnings and further economic stability. Recognising that not all women are privileged to have their own support network, WFWF steps in, in collaboration with practitioners in the social field, to fill the gaps for women who are trying hard to improve their lives but lack basic resources to do so.

Service users can write to us via private messaging system on our Facebook page Women for Women Foundation – Malta (https://www.facebook.com/wfwfoundationmalta) or via chat option on our website, leaving their name and contact number for a call back if it is necessary and safe to do so. They will be guided by our client support workers. Alternatively, they can write an email to info@womenforwomen.foundation or ask a helping professional to refer them to our service. 

Helping Professionals may send in referrals via email to elaine@womenforwomen.foundation giving a brief overview of the situation and the needs of the client.