Awareness Raising Campaigns


Several awareness raising campaigns were organised at different stages of the project that were aimed at various target groups. These campaigns were disseminated across various mediums including social media, print media and through project website, amongst others..

1. Production of Video

Every year, the Domestic Violence Service provided by the Appoġġ agency encounters over 400 new cases of domestic violence. The majority of the victims that come forward are female; however, the services are accessible to everyone, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, racial background, religion or ability.

2. Online Awareness Raising Campaigns​

3. Printed Awareness Raising Campaign

The leaflets produced as part of this project target three themes:

These leaflets are available in English and translated into Maltese, Italian, Serbian and Filipino.

4. 2020 COVID Campaign

During the COVID-19 crisis the project team felt the need to go beyond the project’s deliverables and focus on how this crisis may affect those people suffering violence in silence. The team prepared an extensive awareness raising campaign on various Maltese news portals whereby messages were disseminated in various languages to try and reach the highest number of people as possible.

This campaign was coordinated in conjunction with another campaign led by the Commission that used bus shelters across Malta and Gozo as its medium.